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John Salanave, Los Angeles, CA

Do you Love coffee but hate lines? As a coffee lover for over 25years I really appreciate how easy “Passion Coffee Club” makes it for me to enjoy world class coffee at home. No more searching different coffee shops for something different or new. No more leaving the house in a rush just to wait in-line for average coffee.

Now it just comes to my door right on schedule. Every delivery feels like childhood Christmas mornings (♥) opening my gift. That feeling of happiness and surprise when the aroma of new coffee hits your senses!!! (Did I mention I love coffee?) I really enjoy the whole process of coffee. From opening the bag, to grinding my beans fresh for maximum aroma/flavor and finally drinking that hot cut of Joe while preparing to start my day. Thanks to “Passion Coffee Club” Quality delicious coffee has never been more convenient. Please don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and let the coffee do all the talking. You won’t be sorry!!!

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