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Fredy Alexander Cruz  



I was born in Bogotá-Colombia, I studied agronomy in the National University where my sensory analysis process began, in 1998 for the first time I worked in coffee cultivation, at this moment my passion for coffee started, the following year I worked with the Coffee Growers Committee of Cundinamarca for 11 years where I had the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful people. I received instruction in tasting with Lelly Espitia recognized nationally for his work in physical and sensory analysis of coffee, in 2011 I began my work at SENA as a coffee instructor and in the same year I received training from Barismo to develop an idea that was the impact the culture of the farmers consuming a quality coffee, since I found that they offered me a tintico sweetened with panela or sugar but very few times it was allowed to identify the true flavor of the drink, it was as well as during two years I dedicated myself to impact the Consumption in the rural area with coffee farmers transferring knowledge of the quality of the product in the cultivation, harvest and profit in the preparation of coffee-based drinks where you are surprised how the coffee grower appreciates his coffee but little consumed it. Then I started a project where we managed to increase consumption and knowledge of the attributes of good coffee and in 2015 we managed to reach 500 people, since then I work with young people to keep the name of Colombia high with our flagship product SOFT COFFEE COLOMBIAN WASHING As recent achievements after 8 months of training, we already achieved a gold medal in the WorldSkills Colombia regional contest in coffee tasting ability and we obtained the national cup in March 2018. For this and many more things, coffee has united to communities, has marked a great part of my life and has given me and will continue to deliver satisfactions by working hand in hand with young people, men and women committed to quality and with a common dream called COFFEE.

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